Getting Ahead: Three Steps to Take Your Career to The Next Level

Joel A. Garfinkle

ISBN: 9788126536559

288 pages

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What makes one person become more successful than another? According to the author, the simple answer is that while some people leave the fate of their career in someone else's hands, others control it by focusing on three critical skills.

By revealing the author's signature method--the PVI method (Perception, Visibility, and Influence)--readers will learn how to increase their profile across the organization and among higher levels of management. By providing practical advice, specific exercises and action-oriented tips, readers will learn key skills, practical tools, and approaches that can be transferred immediately to their current work situation to be seen as an invaluable resource for the company.




Part One: Improve Your Perception--Take Control of How Others See You

· Power of Perception

· Seven Influencers on Perception

· The Four-Step Perception Management Process


Part Two: Increase Your Visibility--Stand Out and Get Noticed by the People who matter most

· Up Your Visibility

· Promote Your Success

· Speak Up, Speak First, and Speak Often

· Raise Your Profile


Part Three: Exert Your Influence--Lead Situations, People and Events

· Lead through Influence

· Be Influential Now

· Become a Master Influencer


The PVI Model in Action: A True Story



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