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Work / Life Balance for Dummies

Katherine Lockett, Jeni Mumford

ISBN: 9788126533565

352 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

INR 349


A recent survey conducted by Universum Communication found that work-life balance is No.1 on the list of short-term career goals amongst professionals. But while work-life balance is an increasingly popular term, many of us are still unsure about how to achieve it, or lack the confidence to approach employers to negotiate flexible working hours. Work-Life Balance for Dummies offers readers advice and simple strategies to achieve more balance whatever their situation.


Stand and Deliver: Your Job or Your Life

Defining Work/Life Balance

Work, Life, and You

Looking After Yourself First

• You Can't Have It All and Nor Would You Want To

• Your Body Is Your Temple and Not Your Local Dump

• Getting to Know You

Size Isn't Everything: Small Changes that Work

• Cleaning Our Your Clutter

• Being a Legend in Your Own Lunch Time

Preparing to Work for Work/Life Balance

• Moving your Manager towards Work/Life Balance

• Maintaining your New Working Life

• Putting the Life into Your Work/Life Balance

The Bigger Picture: Getting What You Want Long Term

• Casting Your Net Wider

• Studying for Success

• Doing a 180 Turn: Changing Your Career Completely

• Expanding Your Horizons

• Planning Your Moves

The Part of Tens

• Ten Tips from the Experts

• Ten Things to Teach Your Kids

• Ten Ways to Motivate Your Work Mates