Modern Literary Criticism and Theory: A History

M.A.R. Habib

ISBN: 9788126517954

260 pages

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Modern Literary Criticism and Theory: A History is the most comprehensive account of modern criticism and theory available in the English language. It provides a historical survey of the various modes of literary criticism developed in the twentieth century. It is distinguished from other texts in the field not only by providing the larger historical contexts of modern critical works, but also by engaging in close readings of some of the major and commonly taught texts, offering clear, detailed, and philosophically informed explanations of difficult works.



Formative Moments in the History of Literary Criticism

Historical Backgrounds of Modern Criticism and Theory

The Scope of Modern Literary and Cultural Criticism

· The First Decades: From Liberal Humanism to Formalism

· Socially Conscious Criticism of the Earlier Twentieth Century

· Criticism and Theory After the Second World War

· The Era of Poststructuralism (I): Later Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Deconstruction

· The Era of Poststructuralism (II): Postmodernism, Modern Feminism, Gender Studies

· The Later Twentieth Century: New Historicism, Reader-Response Theory, and Postcolonial Criticism

· Cultural Studies and Film Theory

· Contemporary Directions: The Return of the Public Intellectual