Unmasking Buddhism

Bernard Faure

ISBN: 9788126544431

168 pages

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Can we talk of Buddhism as a unified religion or are there many Buddhisms? Is Buddhism a religion of tolerance and pacifism as many people think? Is Buddhism a religion without god(s)? Or is it more of a philosophy than a religion? Renowned Buddhist scholar Bernard Faure answers these and other questions about the basic history, beliefs and nature of Buddhism in easy-to-understand language. It is an ideal introduction for anyone who has unanswered questions about one of the world's largest and most popular religions

Part I Buddhism in History

· Buddhism is both one and many

· The Buddha is only a man who achieved Awakening

· Buddhism is an Indian religion

· Buddhism is the cult of nothingness

· Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion

· All Buddhists are seeking to achieve Awakening

· Buddhism teaches the impermanence of all things

· The belief in karma leads to fatalism

· Buddhism denies the existence of a self

· Buddhism teaches reincarnation


Part II Buddhism and Local Cultures

· Buddhism is an atheistic religion

· Buddhism is above all a spirituality

· The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Buddhism

· To be Buddhist is to be Zen


Part III Buddhism and Society

· Buddhism is a tolerant religion

· Buddhism teaches compassion

· Buddhism is a peaceful religion

· Buddhism affirms that we are all equal

· Buddhism is compatible with science

· Buddhism is a kind of therapy

· Buddhism advocates a strict vegetarianism

· Buddhism is a universalist teaching

· Buddhism is a religion of monks

· Conclusion: Buddhism or Neo-Buddhism?