Statistical Quality Control: A Modern Introduction, 6ed

Douglas C. Montgomery

ISBN: 9788126525065

756 pages

INR 889


Covering everything from basic principles to state-of-the-art concepts and applications, this book arms readers with a comprehensive understanding of modern statistical methods for quality control and improvement. The author covers basic and advanced methods of statistical process control (SPC), show how statistically designed experiments can be used for process design, development and improvement, and explore acceptance sampling. Throughout the pages, guidelines are provided for selecting the correct statistical technique to use in a variety of situations.


Part I: Introduction

· Chapter 1: Quality Improvement in the Modern Business Environment

· Chapter 2: The DMAIC Process


Part II: Statistical Methods Useful in Quality Control and Improvement

· Chapter 3: Modeling Process Quality

· Chapter 4: Inferences about Process Quality


Part III: Basic Methods of Statistical Process Control and Capability Analysis

· Chapter 5: Methods and Philosophy of Statistical Process Control

· Chapter 6: Control Charts for Variables

· Chapter 7: Control Charts for Attributes

· Chapter 8: Process and Measurement System Capability Analysis


Part IV: Other Statistical Process-Monitoring and Control Techniques

· Chapter 9: Cumulative Sum and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts

· Chapter 10: Other Univariate Statistical Process Monitoring and Control Techniques

· Chapter 11: Multivariate Process Monitoring and Control

· Chapter 12: Engineering Process Control and SPC


Part V: Process Design and Improvement with Designed Experiments

· Chapter 13: Factorial and Fractional Experiments for Process Design and Improvements

· Chapter 14: Process Optimization and Designed Experiments


Part VI: Acceptance Sampling

· Chapter 15: Lot-by-Lot Acceptance Sampling for Attributes

· Chapter 16: Other Acceptance Sampling Techniques




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