Elements of Information Theory, 2ed

Thomas M. Cover

ISBN: 9788126541942

772 pages

INR 679


Elements of Information Theory, Second Edition, covers the standard topics of information theory, such as entropy, data compression, channel capacity, rate distortion, multi-user theory and hypothesis testing.  It presents applications to communications, statistics, complexity theory and investment.


• Introduction and Preview.

• Entropy, Relative Entropy and Mutual Information.

• Asymptotic Equipartition Property.

• Entropy Rates of a Stochastic Process.

• Data Compression.

• Gambling and Data Compression.

• Channel Capacity.

• Differential Entropy.

• Gaussian Channel.

• Rate Distortion Theory.

• Information Theory and Statistics.

• Maximum Entropy.

• Universal Source Coding.

• Kolmogorov Complexity.

• Network Information Theory.

• Information Theory and Portfolio Theory.

• Inequalities in Information Theory.