Information Technology for Management, 12ed (An Indian Adaptation): Driving Digital Transformation to Increase Local and Global Performance, Growth and Sustainability

Efraim Turban, Carol Pollard, Gregory Wood, O.P. Wali

ISBN: 9789354641985

664 pages

INR 949


Information Technology for Management provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the latest technological developments in IT and the critical drivers of business performance, growth, and sustainability. Integrating feedback from IT managers and practitioners from top-level organizations worldwide, the International Adaptation of this well-regarded textbook features thoroughly revised content throughout to present students with a realistic, up-to-date view of IT management in the current business environment.

Preface to the Adapted Edition




1 Digital Transformation Disrupts Companies, Competition, and Careers

1.1 Doing Business in the On-Demand Economy

1.2 Business Process Improvement and Competition

1.3 IT Innovation and Disruption

1.4 IT and You


2 Information Systems, IT Infrastructure, and the Cloud

2.1 IS Concepts and Classification

2.2 IT Infrastructure, IT Architecture, and Enterprise Architecture

2.3 Data Centers and Cloud Computing

2.4 Virtualization and Virtual Machines


3 Data Management, Data Warehouses, and Data Governance

3.1 Data Management

3.2 Data Warehouses and Data Marts

3.3 Data Governance and Master Data Management (MDM)

3.4 Information Management

3.5 Electronic Document, Record, and Content Management


4 Networks, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Edge Computing

4.1 Network Fundamentals

4.2 Wireless Networks and Standards

4.3 Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things (IoT)

4.4 Network Quality of Service


5 Data Privacy and Cyber Security

5.1 Data Privacy Concerns and Regulations

5.2 Extent and Cost of Cyberattacks and Cyber Threats

5.3 Cyberattack Targets and Consequences

5.4 Defending Against Cyberattacks and Managing Risk

5.5 Regulatory Controls, Frameworks, and Models


6  Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Data Analytics

6.1 Business Intelligence and Data Science

6.2 Big Data and Advanced Data Analytics

6.3 Descriptive Data Analytics Methods and Techniques

6.4 Predictive and Prescriptive Data Analytics Methods and Techniques


7 Social Media and Semantic Web Technology

7.1 Web 2.0 Technologies

7.2 Social Web Tools and Applications

7.3 Using Search Technology for Business Success

7.4 A Search for Meaning—Web 3.0 and Semantic Technology

7.5 Recommendation Engines


8 Omnichannel Retailing, E-commerce, and Mobile Commerce Technology

8.1 Omnichannel Retailing

8.2 In-Store Retail Technology

8.3 E-commerce—Online Retailing

8.4 Mobile Commerce

8.5 Mobile Payment and Financial Services


9 Functional Business Systems

9.1 Functional and Cross-Functional Business Processes

9.2 Production and Operations Management Systems

9.3 Sales and Marketing Management Systems

9.4 Accounting, Finance, and Regulatory Compliance Systems

9.5 Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)


10 Enterprise Systems

10.1 Intro to Enterprise Systems

10.2 Enterprise Resource Planning

10.3 Supply Chain Management

10.4 Customer Relationship Management

10.5 Communicating and Collaborating with Knowledge Management, Content Management, and Enterprise Social Platforms


11 Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Quantum Computing Technology

11.1 How AI Works

11.2 AI Applications in Business and Society

11.3 AI and Society (Ethics)

11.4 Robotics


12 IT Strategy, Sourcing, and Strategic Technology Trends

12.1 IT Strategy and Competitive Advantage

12.2 IT Strategic Planning, Process, and Tools

12.3 IT Sourcing Strategies and IT Service Management

12.4 Strategic Technology Trends


13 Systems Development and Project, Program and Portfolio Management

13.1 Systems Development

13.2 Software Development Methodologies

13.3 Project, Program, and Portfolio Management

13.4 Initiating, Planning, and Executing Projects

13.5 Monitoring/ Controlling and Closing Projects


14 IT Ethics and Local and Global Sustainability

14.1 An Introduction to Ethics

14.2 ICT and Local Sustainability

14.3 ICT and Global Sustainability



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