Introduction to Information Systems, 4ed, ISV

R. Kelly Rainer, Casey G. Cegielski

ISBN: 9788126554003

480 pages

INR 809


Rainer & Cegielski's new edition of Introduction to Information Systems: Enabling and Transforming Business includes updated coverage, refined cases, more illustrations and a new "Weekly Updates" resource. Its concise chapters, many cases and examples and online quizzing provide smooth and straightforward information and provide many hands-on activities. In general, the text is more engaging, compelling and relevant with a broader table of contents, pedagogically innovative structure, integrated activities, Excel and Access projects.


Chapter 1 The Modern Organization Functioning in a Global Environment

Chapter 2 Information Systems and the Modern Organization

Chapter 3 Ethics and Privacy

Chapter 4 Information Security

Chapter 5 Managing Knowledge and Data

Chapter 6 Networks

Chapter 7 Electronic Commerce: Applications and Issues

Chapter 8 Wireless Technologies and the Modern Organization

Chapter 9 Web 2.0 and Social Networks

Chapter 10 Information Systems that Support Organizations

Chapter 11 Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management

Chapter 12 Managerial Support Systems

Chapter 13 Acquiring Information Systems and Applications

Technology Guide 1 Hardware

Technology Guide 2 Software

Technology Guide 3 Emerging Types of Enterprise Computing

Technology Guide 4 Intelligent Systems

Technology Guide 5 Protecting Your Information Assets


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