International Business: Environment and Globalization

Mahua Dutta

ISBN: 9789389633634

INR 405


Globalization has been a major factor behind the improvement of the market changes all over the world. In today’s scenario, it is not possible for business to avoid the influence of internationalization of each countrys’ economy, the globalization of the world’s markets, and the growth of new emerging markets. Hence, it has become very important to not only emphasize on international business but also study the affect of globalization in international business.


Unit I: Introduction in International Business

1. International Business and Globalization

2. Modes of International Business

3. Trade and International Trade Theories


Unit II: International Business Environment

4. Economic Foundation of International Business

5. Political and Legal Environment

6. Sociocultural and Ethical Environment

7. Technology and Environmental Sustainability

8. Economic Integration and Regional Trade Blocks


Unit III: Regulatory of International Trade

9. International Financial Institutions

10. Foreign Exchange Market / World Trade Organization

11. Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights


Unit IV: Strategic Management and International Business

12. Global Market Entry and Collaborative Strategies

13. Export and Import Strategies

14. Organization of International Business

15. Strategies for International Business Negotiation and Diplomacy


Unit V: International Business Operation

16. Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

17. International Marketing

18. Global Human Resource Management

19. Financial Management in the International Business


20. Appendix

21. Syllabus

22.  Index


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