Advanced Internet Technology (Includes Practicals)

Deven Shah

ISBN: 9789351197164

436 pages

INR 449


The book is designed to introduce the concept of search engine and help readers determine Search Engine Optimization (SEO) objectives. The readers will be able to understand how to develop on SEO plan prior to site development and will become well-versed with HTML5, CSS3 and responsive Web design. This book will also help the readers to learn the characteristics of RIA, keyword generation, Google analytics, familiarize themselves with responsive Web design and Amazon / Google or yahoo mashup.


Chapter 1:  Search Engine Optimization and Its Objectives

1.1 Search Engine Basics

1.2 An Introduction to SEO

1.3 Layout of Search Result Pages

1.4 Algorithm-Based Ranking System

1.5 Search Engine Success Factors

1.6 Determining Search Intent and Delivering Relevant and Fresh Content

1.7 Analyzing Ranking Factors

1.8 Using Advanced Search Techniques

1.9 Vertical Search Techniques

1.10 Country-Specific Search Engines

1.11 Determining SEO Objectives

Chapter 2:  Developing an SEO Friendly Website

2.1 Accessibility of Website to Search engine

2.2 Defining Your Site's Information Architecture

2.3 Site Auditing to Identify SEO Problems

2.4 Web Analytics and Current Server Statistics Software

2.5 Determining Top Competitors in SEO

2.6 Search Engine Indexing Status

2.7 Benchmarking Current Rankings, Traffic Source and Volumes

2.8 Conduct SWOT analysis

2.9 Keyword Generation

2.10 Using Google Analytics

2.11 Creating and Optimizing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Chapter 3:  Responsive Web Designing with HTML5 and CSS3

3.1 Getting Started with HTML5, CSS3 and Responsive Web Design

3.2 Media Queries

3.3 Supporting Differing Viewports

3.4 Embracing Fluid Layout

3.5 Flexible Images

3.6 Proportion-Based Grids

3.7 HTML 5 for Responsive Design

Chapter 4:  CSS3 for Designing and Developing Pages

4.1 Basics of CSS3

4.2 CSS3 Selectors

4.3 Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements

4.4 Typography

4.5 CSS Color Modes

4.6 Stunning Aesthetics with CSS3

4.7 CSS3 Transitions

4.8 CSS3 Transformations

4.9 Animations


Chapter 5:  Forms with HTML5 and CSS3

5.1 Exploring the FORM Element

5.2 Exploring the INPUT Element

5.3 Exploring the BUTTON Element

5.4 Exploring the Multiple-Choice Elements

5.5 Exploring the TEXTAREA and LABEL Elements

5.6 Exploring the FIELDSET and LEGEND Elements

5.7 Describing the DATALIST Element

5.8 Submitting a Form

5.9 Styling HTML5 Forms with CSS3

Chapter 6:  RIA and Mashup

6.1 Characteristics of RIA

6.2 Moving From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

6.3 Web Mashup Ecosystems

6.4 Mashup Technologies

6.5 RIA: AJAX versus Traditional Approach

6.6 Technical Background


LAB Session

Lab 1 Setting Practical on SEO

Lab 2 Practical to Demonstrate Responsive Web Design

Lab 3 Practical to Demonstrate Google Mashup