HTML 5 in Action

Rob Crowther, Joe Lennon, Ash Blue, Greg Wanish

ISBN: 9789351194217

464 pages

INR 599


HTML5 in Action provides a complete introduction to web development using HTML5. It explores the HTML5 specification through real-world examples and code samples. It earns the name "in Action" by giving you the practical, hands-on guidance you'll need to confidently build the sites and applications you-and your clients-have been wanting for years.


Part 1 Introduction


Chapter 1 HTML5: From documents to applications

· Exploring the markup: a whirlwind tour of HTML5

· Beyond the markup: additional web standards


· Additional APIs and specifications

· Summary


Part 2 Browser-based apps


Chapter 2 Form creation: input widgets, data binding and data validation

· Previewing the form and gathering prerequisites

· Building a form’s user interface

· Calculating totals and displaying form output

· Checking form input data with the Constraint Validation API

· Providing fallbacks for unsupported browsers


Chapter 3 File editing and management: rich formatting, file storage, drag and drop

·    The Super HTML5 Editor: application overview, prerequisites, and first steps

·    Rich-text editing and Geolocation

·    Managing files locally: the File System, Quota Management, File and File Writer APIs

·    Adding drag-and-drop interactivity


Chapter 4 Messaging: communicating to and from scripts in HTML5

· Server-sent events (SSE)

· Using WebSockets to build a real-time messaging web app

· Messaging on the client side


Chapter 5 Mobile applications: client storage and offline execution

· My Tasks: application overview, prerequisites, and first steps

· Managing data with the Web Storage API

· Managing data using Indexed DB

· Creating a web application that works offline: using the application cache manifest


Part 3 Interactive graphics, media and gaming


Chapter 6 2D Canvas: low-level, 2D graphics rendering

· Canvas basics

· Creating a Canvas game

· Breathing life into Canvas elements

· Polishing Canvas games


Chapter 7 SVG: responsive in-browser graphics

· How bitmap and vector graphics compare

· Starting SVG Aliens with XML

· Adding JavaScript for interactivity


Chapter 8 Video and audio: playing media in the browser

· Playing video with HTML5

· Controlling videos with the HTMLMediaElement interface

· Specifying multiple formats with the element

· Combining user input with video to build a telestrator


Chapter 9 WebGL: 3D application development

· Building a WebGL engine

· Communicating with a graphics card

· Putting it all together: creating Geometry Destroyer


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