UX for Dummies

Donald Chesnut

ISBN: 9788126552252

340 pages

INR 499


UX (User Experience) is a rapidly growing field that marries web design, user research, business planning and data analysis to focus an organization’s web presence on the needs of their clients and customers. UX for Dummies is a hands-on guide that shows you how to use the tools and techniques of User Experience in order to put into practice an effective UX strategy that aligns with the organization’s business goals.




Part I: Getting Started with UX  

Chapter 1: Defining UX and the Process

Chapter 2: Examining Why You Should Use UX

Chapter 3: Determining Your Users

Chapter 4: Modeling the Experience

Chapter 5: Understanding UX as (R)evolution


Part II: Components of Design

Chapter 6: Taming the Beast: Understanding What You Do and Don't Have

Chapter 7: Developing Content Strategy

Chapter 8: Designing the Content Strategy

Chapter 9: Building the Information Architecture

Chapter 10: Designing for Specific Channels

Chapter 11: Diving into Visual Design


Part III: Your UX in Action

Chapter 12: Testing: How It Can Save Your UX

Chapter 13: Measuring Your UX to Keep It Relevant

Chapter 14: Making It past the Finish Line


Part IV: The Part of Tens

Chapter 15: Ten Reasons why the User is Your Most Important Consideration

Chapter 16: Ten Ways to Ensure That Your UX is best in Class

Chapter 17: Ten UX Principles That Never Change