Investments, 12ed, ISV: Principles and Concepts

Charles P. Jones

ISBN: 9788126562930

656 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 899


Throughout changing investment opportunities, problems, and controversies, Charles P. Jones’s Investments remains one of the most readable and comprehensive investments texts today.  Students can count on the new 12th Edition for clarity, currency and balance.  An effective organizational structure and essentials approach, important analytical methods, data, and finance concepts are all presented at a level that individuals of all investments backgrounds can master.

Part One Background

Chapter 1 Investing is an Important Activity Worldwide

Chapter 2 Investment Alternatives: Generic Principles All Investors Must Know

Chapter 3 Indirect Investing: A Global Activity

Chapter 4 Securities Markets Matter to All Investors

Chapter 5 All Financial Markets Have Regulations and Trading Practices


Part Two Portfolio and Capital Market Theory

Chapter 6 Return and Risk: The Foundation of Investing Worldwide

Chapter 7 Portfolio Theory is Universal

Chapter 8 Portfolio Selection for All Investors

Chapter 9 Asset Pricing Principles


Part Three Common Stocks: Analysis, Valuation and Management

Chapter 10 Common Stock Valuation Lessons for All Investors

Chapter 11 Managing a Stock Portfolio: A Worldwide Issue

Chapter 12 What Happens If Markets Are Efficient or Not?


Part Four Security Analysis

Chapter 13 Economy / Market Analysis Must Be Considered By All Investors

Chapter 14 Sector / Industry Analysis

Chapter 15 Company Analysis

Chapter 16 Technical Analysis


Part Five Fixed-Income Securities: Analysis, Valuation and Management

Chapter 17 Fixed Income Securities Are Available Worldwide

Chapter 18 Managing Bond Portfolios: Some Issues Affect All Investors


Part Six Derivative Securities

Chapter 19 Understanding Derivative Securities: Options

Chapter 20 Understanding Derivative Securities: Futures


Part Seven Investment Management

Chapter 21 All Investors Must Consider Portfolio Management

Chapter 22 Evaluation of Investment Performance: A Global Concept

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