ASP.NET with C#

Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

ISBN: 9789350044193

264 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 259


The ASP.NET with C# book provides you an easy-to-follow set of code and design standards that address the basic needs of .NET programmers. The book is unique as its content has touched every aspect of ASP.NET technology, such as how to program ASP.NET Web pages, ASP.NET server controls, navigation controls, validation controls, ASP.NET AJAX and ASP.NET security. The book provides examples in an easy-to-understand language along with exercise at the end of each chapter.




Exploring .NET Framework and C# Language

· Review of .NET Frameworks

· JIT Compiler

· Garbage Collector

· Namespaces

· Introduction to C#

· OOPs with C#

· Variables and Expressions

· Flow Controls

· Defining Classes and Class Members

· Functions

· Debugging and Error Handling


Programming with C#

· Collections

· Comparisons and Conversions

· Delegates and Events

· Windows Programming


Overview of ASP.NET and CSS

· Introduction to ASP.NET 4.0

· Microsoft.NET Framework

· ASP.NET Life Cycle

· Themes in ASP.NET


· ASP.NET Server Controls

· Types of Controls

· ASP.NET State Management Engine

· The web.config and Global.asax Files


Programming with ASP.NET

· Programming ASP.NET Web Pages

· Navigation

· User Controls

· Validating User Controls


ADO.NET, LINQ and ASP.NET Security

· Databases


· ASP.NET Security


ASP.NET Ajax and jQuery


· jQuery




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