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Comdex Informatics Practices, Class 12

Vikas Gupta

ISBN: 9789350042441

680 pages

Exclusively distributed by Ratna Sagar 


This book has been designed to provide a strong foundation for students on different aspects of Information Technology (IT) in an easy-to-understand and comprehensive manner. The book strictly conforms to the guidelines and objectives as laid down in the revised syllabus for Class 12 of CBSE.


An Introduction to Computer System

• Defining a Computer

• Working of a Computer

• Exploring Functional Components of a Computer

• Exploring Basic Applications of a Computer

• Features of a Computer

• Limitations of a Computer

• Types of Computers

• Understanding Convergence of Technologies


Exploring Computer Components

• Exploring Input Devices

• Introducing Central Processing Unit

• Exploring Output Devices

• Exploring Memory Devices

• Portable Memory Devices


Exploring Computer Software

• Defining Categories of Software

• Exploring System Software

• Exploring Application Software

• Exploring Programming Languages


Communication Technology

• Network: The Meaning

• Defining Computer Network

• The Need for Networking

• The Components of a Network

• Networking Transmission Media

• Defining Modem

• Exploring the Types of Network

• Introducing Internet

• Exploring the Uses of Internet

• The Road ahead for Internet Defining Data,

• Information  and Multimedia


Introducing Commonly Used OS

• Defining Operating System

• Exploring Functions of OS

• Commonly Used OS

• Introducing Boss Linux OS

• Exploring Features of GNU Linux OS

• Explaining Directory Structure of Linux OS

• Exploring the Boss Linux Operating System

• Starting and Closing Programs

• Managing Files and Folders.

• Shutting Down the Computer

• Windows XP Operating System


Word Processing Tool - OpenOffice.org Writer-I

• Introducing Word Processor

• Exploring Word Processor (OpenOffice.org Writer).

• Exploring Word Processor Terminology

• Navigation in a Document

• Editing a Document

• Working with the Find & Replace Option

• Formatting the Document

• Format Painter

• Inserting Symbols


Word Processing Tool - OpenOffice.org Writer-II

• Applying Bullets and Numbers to Text

• Working with Spell Check

• Working with Graphics

• Adding Auto Shapes

• Working with a Table

• Track Changes

• Printing a Document

• Getting Help in Writer

• Defining Mail Merge

• Creating Superscript and Subscript


Spreadsheet Tool - OpenOffice.org Calc-I

• Exploring the Calc Spreadsheet

• Working with Spreadsheet

• Editing Cell Data

• Exploring Commands for Workbook

• Working with Rows and Columns

• Using Some Important Functions


Spreadsheet Tool - OpenOffice.org Calc-II

• Exploring Data Formatting

• Exploring Charts

• Printing Worksheet with Charts


Presentation Tool - OpenOffice.org Impress

• Defining Presentation Graphics Software

• How to Create a Presentation in the Impress?

• Starting Impress

• Exploring the User Interface of Impress Window

• Defining Presentation

• Tips for Making a Good Presentation

• Defining Physical Aspect of a Presentation

• Creating a New Presentation

• Explaining Views of a Slide

• Saving a Presentation

• Adding a New Slide

• Editing and Formatting a Slide

• Adding Illustrations to Slides

• Inserting Music or Sound in a Slide

• Creating Slide Shows


IT Applications

• OpenOffice.org Projects


Societal Impacts of IT

• Introducing ICT

• Exploring the Ethical Issues

• Exploring Careers in the IT Domain


Sample Question Papers

• About the CD