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Concepts and Techniques of Programming in C

Dhabal Prasad Sethi, Manoranjan Pradhan

ISBN: 9789389633085

INR 575


The C programming language is one of the most widely offered courses in the undergraduate programmes (all branches of BTech, BSc Computer Science, and BCA) as well as various postgraduate programmes (MCA, MSc Computer Science and others). Apart from students, the book will also be useful for aspirants of various competitive examinations and budding programmers.

  • Introduction to Computer Fundamentals and Problem Solving
  • Algorithm and Flowchart
  • Introduction to C Programming
  • Variable, Constants and Data Types
  • Operator
  • Input and Output Operation In C
  • Decision Making Statements (Conditional Statements)
  • Looping
  • Unconditional Statements
  • Function
  • Array
  • String
  • Pointer
  • Structure, Union, Type Definition, Bit Field
  • File
  • Preprocessor Directive