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Fundamentals of Computer Aided Manufacturing, 2ed

G.S. Sawhney

ISBN: 9789389583717

INR 425


Written with the fourth-year engineering students of undergraduate level in mind, this well set out textbook explains the Fundamentals of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) written in question-answer form, the book is precise and easy to understand.  Computer aided manufacturing and robotics play a vital role in implementing automation in the industry. It is, therefore, essential for engineering students to have sound knowledge of the basics of CAM and robotics.

  • Automation and NC systems
  • Number Systems
  • Logic and Arithmetic Circuits
  • Electronic Devices and Computer
  • Features of NC Machine
  • NC Coordinate and Motion Control Systems
  • DNC, CNC and Adaptive Control
  • NC Part Programming
  • System Devices
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing System
  • Robotics
  • Syllabus of CAM (UPTU)
  • Test Papers
  • Biblography
  • Index



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