Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit: Revised & Upgraded

Vikas Gupta

ISBN: 9789351192657

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 399


Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit is designed for those aspiring students who want to build their future in computer hardware. The book covers each and every detail of computer hardware starting from a simple looking mouse to highly complicated motherboard. Step-by-step description of concepts, supported by illustrations for easy understanding and simple language make this book unique in itself. The software section given in the book would be an added advantage for the readers since we strongly believe that hardware personnel must be aware with software.



1. Introduction to Computer



1. Introducing Window 7

2. Working with Control Panel


Microsoft Word:

1. Introduction to MS Word 2010


Microsoft Excel:

1. Introduction to MS Excel 2010


Microsoft Powerpoint:

1. Introduction to MS PowerPoint 2010


Microsoft outlook:

1. Introduction to MS Outlook 2010



1. Mouse

2. Keyboard

3. Understanding Display Devices

4. Printer

5. Motherboard

6. Computer Memory

7. Microprocessors

8. Optical Media

9. Understanding Laptops



1. Introduction to Networking

2. Types of Networking

3. Network Cabling

4. Understanding TCP/IP Protocol Suite

5. Wireless Networking

6. Troubleshooting Tools


Windows Server 2008 R2:

1. Getting Started with Windows Server 2008 R2


2. Internet Information Services 7 (IIS 7)

3. Remote Desktop Services

4. Managing Network Services and Policies


About the CD:


1.   Windows

2. Office 2010

3. Hardware

4. Networking


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