J2EE 1.7 Projects Black Book

DT Editorial Services

ISBN: 9789351198765

608 pages

INR 449


Ever wondered why all software project books are complex and tedious to understand! In fact, they should be fast and fun to comprehend. One book that stands out for following this thought consistently is the J2EE 1.7 Projects book. The projects in this book abide by two concepts—first, to help engineer the best software product that follows all phases of Software Development Life Cycle, including analysis, software design, testing and implementation and second, to efficiently use the features, tools and technologies provided by the platform for the project.




Chapter 1: Introducing JAVA EE

    • Need for Enterprise Programming
    • Enterprise Architecture Layers
    • Exploring Enterprise Architecture Types
    • Objectives of Enterprise Applications
    • Introducing the Java EE 7 Platform
    • Features of the Java EE Platform
    • New Features of Java EE 7 Platform
    • Exploring the Java EE 7 Platform
    • Exploring the Architecture of Java EE 7
    • Describing Java EE 7 Containers
    • Developing Java EE 7 Applications
    • Listing the Compatible Products for the Java EE Platform
    • Introducing the Servers for Java EE Applications
    • Technologies used in Projects Development


Project I: Chat Application


Chapter 1: Case Study: Chat Application

    • SDLC of the Project


Chapter 2: Creating Home Page

    • Creating MainChatServlet Servlet
    • Designing Home Page
    • Running the Application


Chapter 3: Login Module

    • Creating Login User Interfaces


Chapter 4: Admin Module

    • Adding New Users
    • Viewing Users
    • Deleting Users
    • Configuring ChatRooms


Chapter 5: User Module

    • Selecting Chat Room
    • Implementing Chatting Process
    • Creating ChatRoomEntry Class


Project II: People Management


Chapter 1: Case Study: People Management

    • Software Requirements
    • SDLC of the Project


Chapter 2: Case Study: Creating Login Module

    • Designing Login User Interface
    • Directory Structure of the Project
    • Login and Navigating to Home Page
    • Changing Password


Chapter 3: Case Study: Creating Profile Management Module

    • Implementing Logic with Servlet
    • Creating Views


Chapter 4: Case Study: Creating Recruitment Module

    • Creating the people_applicant Servlet
    • Creating the ApplicantDBObj Class
    • Creating the ApplicantDBMethods Class
    • Creating the GenerateId Class
    • Creating an Interface for Applicant Registration
    • Creating the applicant_test_dtl Servlet
    • Designing JSP Views
    • Working of the Recruitment Module


Chapter 5: Case Study: Creating Attendance Management Module

    • Creating the time_management Servlet
    • Creating JSP Views


Chapter 6: Case Study: Creating Leave Management Module

    • Creating the leave_management Servlet
    • Designing JSP Views
    • Creating the leave_request_list JSP Page


Chapter 7: Case Study: Creating Payroll Module

    • Updating Salary Statement
    • Creating people_payroll Servlet
    • Designing JSP Views


Project III: Online Shopping Site


Chapter 1: Case Study: Myshoppingsite

    • SDLC of the Project


Chapter 2: Creating Home Page

    • The Directory Structure
    • Creation of Home Page


Chapter 3: Creating Login Interface

    • Creating the LoginForm Class
    • Creating the LoginAction Class
    • Creating the login.jsp File
    • Updating the struts-config.xml File
    • Creating the CategoryListAction Class
    • Creating the categoryList.jsp File
    • Working of Module


Chapter 4: Manipulating Category

    • Adding Category
    • Updating Category
    • Deleting Category


Chapter 5: Handling Of Product Details

    • Showing Product List
    • Adding Product
    • Editing Product
    • Deleting Product


Chapter 6: Searching and Shopping-Cart Handling

    • Searching Product
    • Shopping Using Shopping-Cart


Project IV: Banking Information System


Chapter 1: Case Study: Banking Information System

    • SDLC of the Project


Chapter 2: Hibernate Modules

    • Hibernate—A Brief Discussion
    • Overview of Hibernate Architecture
    • Components in Hibernate Module
    • Login—Our First Hibernate Module
    • The AccountHolder Hibernate Module
    • The Savings Hibernate Module
    • Recurring Hibernate Module
    • The Current Hibernate Module
    • The Transaction Hibernate Module
    • Configuring Hibernate
    • Creating a Hibernate Session


Chapter 3: JSF and Spring Modules

    • JSF—A Brief Discussion
    • Exploring JSF Tag Libraries
    • Creating a JSF Page
    • Spring—A Brief Discussion


Chapter 4: Bank Master Modules

    • Managing Customer Account
    • Opening a New Account
    • Modifying an Account
    • Viewing an Account


Chapter 5: Transaction and Report Modules

    • Transactions
    • Withdrawing Money
    • Depositing Money
    • Transferring Money
    • Reports


Chapter 6: Configuration and Deployments

    • Hibernate Reverse Engineering
    • Application Configuration
    • Spring Configuration
    • Dispatcher Servlet Configuration
    • The web.xml Configuration
    • Deploying and Running the Application


Project V: Bug Tracking System


Chapter 1: Case Study: Bug Tracking System

    • SDLC of the Project


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