Core Python Programming, 2ed

Dr. R. Nageswara Rao

ISBN: 9789386052308

INR 699


At present, Java occupies number 1 rank as the most used programming language since almost all the projects are developed in Java. Python is already occupying 2nd to 4th position and will be the most demanded language after Java in near future. Python is used with other programming languages on Internet as well as for developing standalone applications. Python programmers are paid high salaries in the software development industry. Hence, it is time for beginners as well as existing programmers to focus their attention on Python.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Python

Chapter 2: Writing Our First Python Program

Chapter 3: Datatypes in Python

Chapter 4: Operators in Python

Chapter 5: Input and Output

Chapter 6: Control Statements

Chapter 7: Arrays in Python

Chapter 8: Strings and Characters

Chapter 9: Functions

Chapter 10: Lists and Tuples

Chapter 11: Dictionaries

Chapter 12: Introduction to OOPS

Chapter 13: Classes and Objects

Chapter 14: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Chapter 15: Abstract Classes and Interfaces

Chapter 16: Exceptions

Chapter 17: Files in Python

Chapter 18: Regular Expressions in Python

Chapter 19: Data Structures in Python

Chapter 20: Date and Time

Chapter 21: Threads

Chapter 22: Graphical User Interface

Chapter 23: Networking in Python

Chapter 24: Python’s Database Connectivity

Chapter 25: Data Science Using Python



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