Node.js in Action, 2ed

Alex Young, Bradley Meck, Mike Cantelon, Tim Oxley, Marc Harter, T.J. Holowaychuk, Nathan Rajlich

ISBN: 9789386052049

392 pages

INR 899


The first edition of Node.js in Action was about web development with a particular focus on the Connect and Express web frameworks. Node.js in Action, Second Edition has been updated to suit the changing requirements of Node development. You’ll learn about front-end build systems, popular Node web frameworks, and how to build a web application with Express from scratch. You’ll also learn how to create automated tests and deploy Node web applications. Node is being increasingly used for command-line developer tools and desktop applications with Electron, so you’ll find chapters dedicated to both of these areas.


Part 1: Welcome To Node

1. Welcome to Node.js

2. Node programming fundamentals

3. What is a Node web application?


Part 2: Web Development With Node

4. Front-end build systems

5. Server-side frameworks

6. Connect and Express in depth

7. Web application templating

8. Storing application data

9. Testing Node applications

10. Deploying Node applications and maintaining uptime

Part 3: Beyond Web Development

11. Writing command-line applications

12. Conquering the desktop with Electron


Appendix A: Installing Node

Appendix B: Automating the web with scraping

Appendix C: Connect’s officially supported middleware





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