Understanding Matlab: A Textbook for Beginners

S.N. Alam, S.S. Alam

ISBN: 9789389307399

328 pages

INR 645


This book is mainly for students and professionals who are trying to learn MATLAB through self-study. This book can be used by anyone who is completely unacquainted with MATLAB. In a step-by-step process, this book tries to teach the readers how to write MATLAB programs in order to solve problems. The book intends to acquaint the user with a number of inbuilt functions and features of MATLAB with specific illustrations in the areas of science and technology. MATLAB is a high level computing language, which can be used in a wide range of areas.

  • Introduction
  • Arrays, Strings and Data Structures
  • Plotting
  • Loops and Functions
  • Solving a System of Linear Equations
  • Integration, Differentiation and Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Statistical Functions, Line and Polynomial Fitting
  • Image Processing, Animation, Movies and Sound
  • Bibliography
  • Index