Software Project Management: Includes Practicals

Satish R. Billewar

ISBN: 9789351198215

404 pages

Exclusively distributed by Technical Publication 

eBook also available for institutional users 


This book provides information about project management in IT IT-based organizations. Further, this book discusses about various other aspects of project management such as integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management and procurement management. Along with this, you will learn about the implementation plan and closure of the project.


Chapter 1:  An Overview of IT Project Management

1.1 Project and its Attributes

1.2 Concept of Project Management

1.3 Principles of Project Management

1.4 Knowledge Areas of Project Management

1.5 Project Management Framework

1.6 Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

1.7 Present State of IT Project Management

1.8 Project Life Cycle (PLC)

1.9 Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of an IT  Project

1.10 Information Technology Project Methodology  (ITPM)

Chapter 2:  Project Feasibility and Selection

2.1 Project Feasibility Analysis

2.2 Project Selection and Approval

2.3 Project Contracting

2.4 MOV and Its Development

2.5 Business Case and Its Development


Chapter 3:  Project Scope and Planning and Integration

3.1 Organization and Project Planning

3.2 Project Team

3.3 Project Scope Management

3.4 Project Planning and Integration Management


Chapter 4:  Project Time Management

4.1 Concept of Time Management in IT Projects

4.2 Project Scheduling

4.3 Goldratts Critical Chain


Chapter 5: Project Cost Management: Cost Estimation and Budgeting

5.1 Estimation of Project Cost

5.2 Budgeting

5.3 Cost Accounting and Management Information   System (MIS)


Chapter 6:  Project Quality Management

6.1 Meaning of Quality and Its Importance

6.2 Quality Philosophies

6.3 Quality Tools

6.4 The IT Project Quality Plan

6.5 Scientific Management and the Total Quality   Management (TQM)


Chapter 7:  Project Human Resource Management

7.1 Project Organization and Environment

7.2 Project Team

7.3 Project Governance in IT

7.4 Managing Change


Chapter 8:  Project Control: Communication and Reporting

8.1 Basics of Communication Management

8.2 Objectives of Communication Management

8.3 Communication Matrix and Channel

8.4 Role and Importance of Escalation Matrix

8.5 Plan–Monitor–Control Cycle (PMC Cycle)

8.6 Reporting


Chapter 9:  Project Control: Communication and Reporting

9.1 Risks in Software Projects

9.2 Risk Management Process


Chapter 10:  Project Procurement Management and Outsourcing

10.1 Project Procurement Management

10.2 Procurement Management Process

10.3 Software Development Outsourcing:   Current Practices


Chapter 11:  Project Implementation, Closure, and Audit

11.1 Implementation of Software Projects

11.2 Evaluating a Software Project

11.3 Project Closure




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