Developing a D3.js Edge: Constructing Reusable D3 Components and Charts

Chris Viau, Andrew Thornton, Ger Hobbelt, Roland Dunn

ISBN: 9789386052728

122 pages

INR 799


This book is aimed at both intermediate and advanced D3.js developers, particularly those

interested in understanding the key modular design patterns at the heart of D3.js, and

those wishing to know how to apply them to their own projects. D3.js quickly gathered fame due to its very readable coding patterns and ease of use, combined with an unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. This allows developers of all backgrounds to create both static and animated visualizations of data sets.


  • Standard D3
  • API Requirements
  • The Reusable API
  • Reusable Bar Chart
  • Unit Testing / Test Suites
  • Plugin Example
  • Data Manager API
  • Map API
  • Introducing Crossfilter
  • Adding Brushing
  • Integrating Crossfilter
  • Radial Histogram API
  • Conclusion