Developing a React.js Edge, 2ed: The Javascript Library For User Interfaces

Richard Feldman, Frankie Bagnardi, Simon Hojberg

ISBN: 9789386052704

232 pages

INR 799


React introduces new and exciting concepts that challenge current practices. This book will enable you to navigate all of these concepts and help you understand why they are beneficial and can help you build scalable Single Page Applications (SPAs). React focuses mainly on the “view” part of an application, and thus does not prescribe server communication or code organization. This book will cover the current best practices and complementary tools to help you build a complete application with React.


  • Introduction to React
  • JSX
  • Component lifecycle
  • Data flow
  • Event handling
  • Composing components
  • High Order Components and Mixins
  • DOM manipulation
  • Forms
  • Animations
  • Performance tuning
  • Server side rendering
  • Development tools
  • Testing
  • Architectural patterns
  • Immutability
  • Other uses



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