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Developing an Angular 2 Edge

Filip Lauc, Suguru Inatomi, Wojciech Kwiatek, Mary Gualtieri, Ran Wahle, Michael Haberman

ISBN: 9789386052711

194 pages

INR 799


This book is focused on demonstrating the key features of the Angular 2 framework. Angular 2 is a JavaScript framework intended for development of many platforms including web, mobile & desktop applications. Angular 2 uses the latest application development technologies to maximize speed and performance of your applications. After learning whole book you will have the required knowledge of developing a robust web application.


  1. Angular 2 Introduction
  2. Choosing your scripting language
  3. Introducing Our App
  4. Modules
  5. Components
  6. Directives
  7. Services
  8. Pipes
  9. Routing
  10. Forms
  11. Change Detection
  12. RxJS
  13. Testing
  14. Migration