JDBC 4.2, Servlet 3.1, and JSP 2.3 Includes JSF 2.2 and Design Patterns, Black Book, 2ed

Santosh Kumar K., DT Editorial Services

ISBN: 9789351199083

684 pages

INR 599


JDBC 4.2, Servlet 3.1 and JSP 2.3 Black Book is a unique book for self-learning – leading to the development of expertise in Java database and Web technologies, such as JDBC, Servlet, JSP, JSTL and JSF. The book is also useful for the readers who already know these concepts but want to gain an in-depth knowledge about them. The detailed explanation of each concept with interdependent examples and various situations to apply the concepts makes this book worthwhile.


  • Getting Started with Web Applications in Java
  • Getting Started with JDBC
  • Working with JDBC APIs
  • Implementing JDBC Statements and ResultSets
  • Describing Advanced JDBC Concepts
  • Understanding Java Servlet
  • Understanding Request Processing and HTTP
  • Handling Sessions in Servlet
  • Implementing Filters, Listeners and Wrappers
  • Applet-Servlet Communication
  • Interservlet Communication
  • New Features in Servlet 3.1
  • Introduction to JSP
  • Working with JSP Basic Tags and Implicit Objects
  • Working with JavaBeans and Action Tags in JSP
  • Enhancing the JSP Tags Support
  • Understanding JSP Expression Language
  • Implementing Internationalization
  • Working with JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
  • Working with JavaServer Faces
  • Java EE Design Patterns


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