SOA Patterns

Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz

ISBN: 9789386052902

296 pages

INR 799


This book focuses on SOA patterns and looks at ways to solve SOA challenges by using contextual solutions. SOA-related technologies are more mature now, but technology alone is not enough without proper architecture, so main point behind this book is solving the architectural challenges of distributed systems in general and of SOA specifically by using architectural solutions expressed as patterns and antipatterns. The book contains different aspects of SOA in the real world. This is a book about service-oriented architecture & also about building distributed systems in general.


Part 1: SOA Patterns

  1. Solving SOA pains with patterns
  2. Foundation structural patterns
  3. Patterns for performance, scalability, and availability
  4. Security and manageability patterns
  5. Message exchange patterns
  6. Service consumer patterns
  7. Service integration patterns

Part 2: SOA In The Real World

  1. Service antipatterns
  2. Putting it all together—a case study
  3. SOA vs. the world



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