Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Take to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact

Craig Ross, Angela V. Paccione, Victoria L. Roberts

ISBN: 9788126574636

256 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books


INR 399


Amid constant swirl, uncertainty, and complexity is your team capable of doing big things? Too often people are pulled together, labeled a "team," given a directive, and expected to deliver results quickly. Soon, however, due to lack of focus, increasing pressures and competing priorities the team suffers from DSD: distracted, hopelessly stressed and disconnected from one another. Predictably, the team flatlines and the energy needed to succeed is lost. Based upon research of what successful teams do to overcome severe odds, Do Big Things presents an intuitive, seven-step process that equips teams with how to quickly and consistently operate in a manner necessary for success.




Chapter 1 Teams That Do Big Things
Teams that achieve significant outcomes distinguish themselves by taking seven essential steps. The Do Big Things Framework outlines the steps research shows teams must take to do anything extraordinary (without team members killing themselves in the process).


Chapter 2 Teams That Flatline
The needs of every business have changed, yet most teams in companies go about teaming the same way they did years ago. Organizations fail to realize their potential when teamwork is transactional and diminish people. The end of teamwork (as we know it) is at hand.


Chapter 3 Commit To The Human Imperative
The first step in the Do Big Things Framework is to identify and align team as team members to the human behaviors essential for delivering the business imperative. Often born from a sense of caring for one another, this is the transformative thinking in how team members perceive each other that sets the stage for values to be put into action.


Chapter 4 Embody Success (and Leverage Failure)
Next, ensure the team personifies the spirit and experience of the success they seek while they pursue their lofty objectives. When excellence is who we are (rather than what we will be someday) then even the hardship we encounter in our journey make us better and stronger as a team.


Chapter 5 Choose to Contribute, Activate and Connect Across the Business
Teams that do big things have team members who are equipped to make three specific decisions:

The Contributor Decision: I choose to bring my best to this situation.

The Activator Decision: I choose to bring out the best in other in every interaction.

The Connector Decision: We choose to partner across the business to deliver our common objective.


Chapter 6 Exercise Your Barrier-Breaking Authority
Determine what stands between the team and success -- both real and perceived. Then enable the team to control what they can control, and move issues forward faster by acting upon their inherent authority to choose their response.


Chapter 7 Focus on What Matters
Use the 3 Mind Factors to concentrate on and deliver what causes big things to be achieved: the relationships and teamwork necessary to succeed.


Chapter 8 Energize Around A Shared Reality
Use the Energy Map to make sure the team can tell the truth and function with authenticity. Effectively guide the focus and the common language essential to elevate how team members interact with one another. This step facilitates the needed skills of adaptability and accountability required to do big things.


Chapter 9 Mobilize Hearts and Minds Forward
Empower the team to create and own their role in delivering a stronger future. Use Questions That Trigger Hearts and Minds so everyone internalizes and delivers the team's business imperative.


Chapter 10 Is Your Team Ready To Do Big Things?
Will the team overcome hidden forces in the culture that sabotage best efforts and destroy teams? Where does your team currently stand in its strength and ability to do big things? Answer these questions by using the simple Team Heart Quotient to assess how ready your team is to doing big things.

What Big Things Will Your Team Do?