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Casino Gambling for Dummies

Kevin Blackwood

ISBN: 9788126515509

384 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


Casino Gambling For Dummies includes all of the most popular casino games. This hands-on guide is filled with gambling secrets and informative tips to help readers bet wisely and gain a leading edge.  


It also shares tips and advice on how to earn comps, develop winning strategies, minimize losses, maximize winnings, and even how to deal with the IRS if they win big.  Players will also learn how to manage money safely so they can have fun without losing their shirt. The book also offers strategies and guidance pertinent to gambling on the Internet.




Part I  Casino Gambling Basics Everything You Need To Know To Start

· Casino Gambling 101 The Inside Scoop

· Taking a Quick Stroll Through the Casino

· Probability, Odds, and a Bit of Luck What You Need to Succeed

· Managing Your Money in a Casino

· Minding Your Gambling Manners

Part II Conquering The Table Games

· Will Bluff for Food Poker

· The Easiest Game to Beat Blackjack

· Rolling the Dice Craps

· Spinning Wheel Goes Round n’ Round Roulette

· Not Just For High Rollers Baccarat

· Tackling the “Riskier” Table Games

Part III Beyond The Tables Slots, Video Poker, Sports Betting, And More

· Mastering the Machines Slots

· Scoring Big in Video Poker

· Striking the Mother Lode Keno and Bingo

· From the Cubs to the Bears Sports Betting

· More than Just the Derby Betting on Horse Racing

Part IV Taking Casino Gambling To A Different Level

· Casino Gambling Online and in the Comfort of Home

· The Wild World of Tournaments

Part V The Part Of Tens

· Ten Cool Places to Gamble

· Ten (Or So) Common Casino Gambling Mistakes to Avoid

· Ten Ways to Score Comps

Part VI: Appendixes

Appendix A Glossary

Appendix B Important Resources



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