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Chess for Dummies, 2ed

James Eade

ISBN: 9788126513642

384 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


Chess For Dummies 2E has approximately 25 to 30% new material, including updated chapters on computer chess games and playing chess online as well as updated websites and resource information.  New tournaments and top players are also reviewed in this edition.  Chess For Dummies 2E provides step-by-step explanations, from using the right terminology to understanding the rules and the art of attack.  Author James Eade uses diagrams of actual chessboards to effectively illustrate important concepts and strategies throughout the text.  The book demystifies the game -- proving you don't have to be a genius to play.



Part I: Laying the Groundwork

· Tackling the Chess Basics

· Greeting the Pieces and Their Powers

· Getting to Know the Elements of Chess

· Looking Out for the King Check, Stalemate, and Checkmate

Part II: Gaining Chess Know-How

· Tactics and Combinations in Hand-to-Hand Combat

· Sacrifices When It’s Better to Give than to Receive

· Mastering Mating Patterns

· Building Pattern Recognition

· Recognizing Pawn Formations

· Making Special Moves

Part III: Game Time Putting Your Chess Foot Forward

· Selecting Your Strategy The Principles of Play

· Coming on Strong in the Opening

· Making Headway during the Middlegame

· Exiting with Style in the Endgame

Part IV Getting Into Advanced Action

· Competition Play and Necessary Etiquette

· Hitting the Net with Computer Chess

· Got Notation? Reading and Writing about Chess

Part V The Part of Tens

· The Ten Most Famous Chess Games

· The Ten Best Players of All Time

Part VI Appendixes

· Appendix A A Glossary of Chess

· Appendix B Other Chess Resources



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