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Golf Rules & Etiquette for Dummies

John Steinbreder

ISBN: 9788126515516

188 pages

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How to stick to the rules -- and avoid the traps of the game

Filled with tips and anecdotes from the pros plus the 34 rules of golf, this ideal companion to the top-selling Golf for Dummies, 2nd Edition includes:

· Expert advice on the do's and don'ts of golf etiquette -- from dress code to betting on the game

· Advice on how to survive a business golf outing -- plus tips on behavior as both a spectator and a player

· The inside scoop on proper etiquette, from replacing divots to using your cell phone



Part I You've Got To Play By The Rules

· We Didn't Make the Rules

· It's Not Just a Game (Why Golfers Are So Devoted to Golf)

· The Rules (And I'm Not Talking about Dating)

Part II The Unwritten Rules How To Handle Yourself On (And Off) The Course

· Universal Truths and Other Rules to Live By

· This Isn't Caddyshack Playing on Public and Private Courses

· Driving Ranges, Putting Greens, and Other Practice Facilities

· Taking Care of Business

Part III Even More Rules … For Players And Spectators

· The Do's and Don'ts of Golf Outings

· Keeping Your Cool on the Course Fan Etiquette

Part IV The Part Of Tens

· The Ten Most Devastating Penalties

· The Ten Best Games and Bets to Make in Golf

· Ten Things You Can Learn about Golf Rules and Etiquette from the Movies

Part V Appendixes

Appendix A

Appendix B


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