Guitar for Dummies, 3ed

Part I: So You Wanna Play Guitar  

• Chapter 1: Guitar Basics

• Chapter 2: Tuning Your Guitar

• Chapter 3: Getting Ready to Play


Part II: Starting to Play: The Basics  

• Chapter 4: Getting Started by Strumming Chords

• Chapter 5: Playing Melodies -- Without Reading Music!

• Chapter 6: Adding Some Spice with 7th Chords


Part III: Beyond the Basics: Starting to Sound Cool  

• Chapter 7: Playing in Position

• Chapter 8: Doubling Up with Double-Stops

• Chapter 9: Stretching Out: Barre Chords

• Chapter 10: Special Articulation: Making the Guitar Talk


Part IV: A Pile of Styles  

• Chapter 11: Let's Rock: Rock Guitar Basics

• Chapter 12: Bluer than Blue: Blues Guitar Basics

• Chapter 13: Around the Campfire: Folk Guitar Basics

• Chapter 14: Maestro, If You Please: Classical Guitar Basics

• Chapter 15: Sunglasses and Berets: Jazz Guitar Basics


Part V: A Guitar of Your Own  

• Chapter 16: Shopping for a Guitar

• Chapter 17: Guitar Amps, Effects, Cases, and Accessories

• Chapter 18: Changing Your Strings

• Chapter 19: Guitar Wellness: Basic Maintenance


Part VI: The Part of Tens  

• Chapter 20: Ten (Or So) Guitarists You Should Know

• Chapter 21: The Ten Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time


Part VII: Appendixes  

• Appendix A: How to Read Music

• Appendix B: 96 Common Chords

• Appendix C: How to Use the DVD