Advances in Life Sciences

Rajeshwar P. Sinha, Naveen K. Sharma, Ashwani K. Rai

ISBN: 9789390455805

528 pages

INR 2495


Advances in Life Sciences provide state-of-the-art information and highlights the current developments in life sciences. It encompasses topics on viruses to crop plants, comprising seventeen reviews and six original articles. For the benefit of graduate and postgraduate students and researchers, a chapter on the use of internet for searching scientific literature is included. Subjects covered include stress biology, phytotaxis, biological nitrogen fixation and its biotechnology, community ecology, microbial production of drugs, cosmetics and other bioactive compounds, long-term storage of useful microbes, methods to transfer genes into multicellular organisms and gene expression.


  • Abiotic Stress-Induced Metabolic Alterations in Crop Plants: Strategies for Improving Stress Tolerance
  • Physiological Implications of Salt Stress and Tolerance Mechanisms
  • Phosphate Transporters in Symbiotic Arbuscular Endomycorrhizal Association: A Bioinformatics Approach
  • Investigation of Gravitaxis and Phototaxis in Euglena gracilis
  • Symbiotic and Asymbiotic N2 Fixation
  • Cyanobacterial Biotechnology : Nutritional Interactions in Free-living and Symbiotic Forms
  • Development of New Generation of Cephalosporins
  • Cyanotoxins : An emerging environmental concern
  • UV-absorbing/screening compounds in algae
  • Cyanobacteria : A potent source of pharmaceuticals
  • Cryoprservation : A novel approach to cyanobacterial germplasm conservation
  • Methods for DNA transfer in filamentous cyanobacteria and strategy to overcome restriction by host-encoded endonucleases
  • Genotoxin-induced DNA damage : Detection, recovery and influence on human health
  • HIV: Present status and future perspectives
  • Problems, pitfalls and advantages of transgenic crops
  • Gene: Expression and regulation
  • Terrestrial vegetation : Community features and diversity attributes II. ORIGINAL CONTRIBUTIONS
  • Action spectrum of mycosporine-like amino acid (MAA) induction in Prorocentrum micans under solar radiation
  • Establishment of callus and cell suspension culture of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal
  • Effect of yeast extract in cell suspension culture of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal
  • Monetary value of Lake Ramgarh (Gorakhpur, UP, India): A preliminary investigation
  • Phytogeographical analysis of DEWAS District (Malwa Region (M.P., India)
  • Effect of mine spoils on growth, biochemical composition and yield of Chickpea (Cicerarietinum L) III.



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