Cosmetic Dermatology: A Practical and Evidence-Based Approach, Vol 1

Vishalakshi Viswanath, Vinay Gopalani

ISBN: 9788126552962

640 pages

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This book compiles the current evidence available in the public domain and puts it forth in a lucid language. Pioneers in the field of cosmetic dermatology have provided practical insights towards management of various aesthetic issues in skin of color. The book is a must read for aspiring as well  as established dermatologists who are interested in pursuing a practical, comprehensive, in depth and evidence based approach to cosmetic dermatology.




Volume 1

Section I

  1. Introduction: Cosmetic Dermatology Scenario

Rekha Sheth

  1. Applied Skin Anatomy and Physiology

Chitra Nayak, Prachi Gole

  1. Dynamics of Skin Ageing and Role of Diet in Skin Health

Meghana Phiske

  1. Evaluation of an Aesthetic Patient – I

R.G. Torsekar, Manjyot Gautam

  1. Evaluation of an Aesthetic Patient – II

Feroze Kaliyadan, K.T. Ashique

  1. Understanding the Cosmetic Patient

Sangeeta Velaskar


Section II

  1. Chemical Peels

Shehnaz Arsiwala, Sanjeev Aurangabadkar

  1. Botulinum Toxin

Jaishree Sharad

  1. Soft Tissue Augmentation

Pradeep Kumari

  1. Microneedling Techniques

Malavika Kohli, Banani Choudhury

  1. Mesotherapy

Maya Vedamurthy

  1. Microdermabrasion and No Needle Mesotherapy Techniques

Snehal Sriram, Piyali Chatterjee

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Rachita Dhurat, Sukesh M.S.

  1. Stem Cells in Skin and Hair

Sangeeta Velaskar, Shankar Sawant

  1. Non-Surgical Face Lift

Rupali Pavaskar

  1. Cosmetic Adornments

Punit Saraogi


Section III

  1. Retinoids

Vishalakshi Viswanath, Resham Vasani

  1. Antioxidants

Hemangi Jerajani, Swagata Tambe

  1. Botanicals and Nutraceuticals

Sharmila Patil, Shweta Agarwal

  1. Cosmeceutical Vitamin Therapy

Rajan T. Damodaran

  1. Skin Lightening Agents

Kiran Godse, Aayushi Bagadia

  1. Peptides and Growth Factors

Dhananjay Damle

  1. Hormone Replacement Therapy

Deepak Chaturvedi

  1. Sunscreens

Jyotsna Deo

  1. Basic Skin Care and Cosmetics

Narmada Matang

  1. Basic Hair Care Regimens and Cosmetics

Punit Saraogi

  1. Basic Nail Care Products and Cosmetics

Shikha Bansal, Soni Nanda

  1. Cosmetic Camouflage

Maithili Kamat

  1. Newer Drug Delivery Systems

Vaishali Gode

  1. Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Aashish Phadke, Satish Udare


Section IV

  1. Basic Dermatosurgery Requisites

Vinay Saraf, Parul Thakur, Preeti Sheth

  1. Basic Dermatosurgery Procedures

Satish Udare, Jay Gupte

  1. Acne Surgery

Niti Khunger

  1. Vitiligo Surgery

Imran Majid

  1. Hair Restoration Surgery

Rajendrasingh Rajput, Jay Gupte


Appendix A, A1–A18 Index, I1

Procedures in DVD

Disha Skin and Laser Institute, Thane

Ch. 7, 12, 32, 34, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 45

Department of Dermatology, Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Thane Ch. 10,

Pradeep Kumari Ch. 8, 9 Dipak Kulkarni Ch.10 Rupali Pavaskar Ch. 15

Rajendra Singh Rajput Ch. 35



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