Applied Business Statistics, 7ed, ISV

Ken Black

ISBN: 9788126537075

876 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 979


Black's latest outstanding pedagogy of Business Statistics includes the use of extra problems called "Demonstration Problems" to provide additional insight and explanation to working problems and presents concepts, topics, formulas and application in a manner that is palatable to a vast audience and minimizes the use of "scary" formulas.  



1 What Is Statistics

Decision Dilemma: Statistics Describe the State of Business in India's Countryside

2 Visualizing the Data

Decision Dilemma: Container Shipping Companies

3 Describing Data Through Statistics

Decision Dilemma: Laundry Statistics

5 Discrete Probability Distributions

Decision Dilemma: Life with a Cell Phone

6 Continuous Probability Distributions

Decision Dilemma: The Cost of Human Resources

7 Distributions of the Sample Mean and Sample Proportion and Sampling Techniques

Decision Dilemma: What Is the Attitude of Maquiladora Workers?

8 Estimating Parameters for Single Populations

Decision Dilemma: Compensation for Purchasing Managers

9 Testing Hypotheses about Single Population Parameters

Decision Dilemma: Word-of-Mouth Business Referrals and Influentials

10 Analyzing the Differences in Two Populations

Decision Dilemma: Online Shopping

11 Analysis of Variance

Decision Dilemma: Job and Career Satisfaction of Foreign Self-Initiated Expatriates

12 Introduction to Regression Analysis and Correlation

Decision Dilemma: Predicting International Hourly Wages by the Price of a Big Mac

13 Basic Multiple Regression Analysis

Decision Dilemma: Are You Going to Hate Your New Job?

14 Advanced Multiple Regression Analysis

Decision Dilemma: Determining Compensation for CEOs

15 Forecasting

Decision Dilemma: Forecasting Air Pollution

16 Chi-Square Analysis

Decision Dilemma: Selecting Suppliers in the Electronics Industry

17 Analyzing Data Using Nonparametric Statistics

Decision Dilemma: How Is the Doughnut Business?

18 Quality

Decision Dilemma: Italy's Piaggio Makes a Comeback

19 Decision Analysis C19-2

Decision Dilemma: Decision Making at the CEO Level C19-3


A Tables

B Answers to Selected Odd-Numbered Quantitative Problems




1 Summation Notation S1-1

2 Derivation of Simple Regression Formulas for Slope and y Intercept S2-1

3 Advanced Exponential Smoothing S3-1

Exponential Smoothing with Trend Effects: Holt's Method S3-1

Exponential Smoothing with Both Trend and Seasonality: Winter's Method S3-2

Some Practice Problems S3-5



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