FinTech Innovation: From Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification

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Wealth Managers stand at the digital epicenter of a tectonic fault, which is threatening to disrupt the banking landscape as we have known it for centuries. The transforming forces at play are impressive: the once dominant "offering side" (platforms, banks, fund managers) is pushed by regulators towards a "constrained offering" norm, while the "demand side" (private clients and independent advisors) is surging to take a more conscious and proactive role thanks to digital means and social media. The book goes deeper below the disrupted surface of this phenomenon of banking transformation and provides clear insights about what happens in its cavities, where digitalization is teaming up with demographical changes and social media connectivity forcing established economic interests to collide with social transformations.



About the Author


Part One Personalize Personal Finance

Chapter 1 The Theory of Innovation: From Robo-Advisors to Goal Based Investing and Gamification

1.1 Introduction

1.2 A vibrant FinTech ecosystem  

1.3 Some definitions, ladies and gentlemen  

1.4 Personalization is king

1.5 The theory of innovation

1.6 My Robo-Advisor is an iPod

1.7 What incumbents should consider when thinking about FinTech innovation

1.8 Conclusions


Part Two Automated Long-Term Investing Means Robo-Technology

Chapter 2 Robo-Advisors: Neither Robots Nor Advisors

2.1 Introduction

2.2 What is a Robo-Advisor?

2.3 Automated digital businesses for underserved markets

2.4 Passive investment management with ETFs

2.5 Algorithms of automated portfolio rebalancing

2.6 Personalized decision-making, individual goals and behaviour

2.7 Single minded businesses

2.8 Principles of tax-loss harvesting

2.9 Conclusions


Chapter 3 The Transformation of the Supply-Side

3.1 Introduction

3.2 The investment management supply-demand chain

3.3 How intermediaries make money

3.4 Issuers of direct claims (debt owners)

3.5 The institutionalization of the private banking relationship

3.6 The digital financial advisor

3.7 Asset management is being disintermediated

3.8 ETF providers and the Pyrrhic victory

3.9 Vertically integrated solutions challenge traditional platforms

3.10 Conclusions


Chapter 4 Social and Technology Mega Trends Shape a New Family of Taxable Investors

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Generational shift (X, Y, Z and HENRYs)

4.3 About transparency, simplicity and trust

4.4 The cognitive era

4.5 Conclusions


Chapter 5 The Industry's Dilemma and the Future of Digital Advice

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Wealth management firms: Go digital or die

5.3 Asset management firms: Less passive, more active

5.4 Robo-Platforms: Less transactions, more portfolios

5.5 Digital-Advisors: Empowered customization

5.6 Robo-Advisors: Be human, be virtual, take care of retirement

5.7 Conclusions: Clients take centre stage at last


Part Three Goal Based Investing is the Spirit of the Industry

Chapter 6 The Principles of Goal Based Investing: Personalize the Investment Experience

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Foundations of Goal Based Investing

6.3 About personal needs, goals and risks

6.4 Goal Based Investing process

6.5 What changes in portfolio modelling

6.6 Personal values

6.7 Goal elicitation

6.8 Goal priority

6.9 Time horizons

6.10 Risk tolerance

6.11 Reporting goal-centric performance

6.12 Conclusions


Chapter 7 The Investment Journey: From Model Asset Allocations to Goal Based Operational Portfolios

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Main traits of Modern Portfolio Theory

7.3 Main traits of Black-Litterman

7.5 Main traits of Probabilistic Scenario Optimization


Chapter 8 Goal Based Investing and Gamification

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Principles of Gamification

8.3 Gamification of wealth management

8.4 The mechanics of games

8.5 Conclusions


Concluding Remarks



Paolo Sironi is thought leader of Wealth Management at IBM Risk Analytics, where he is responsible for promoting quantitative methods, goals-based investing and digital solutions for financial advisory. Combining risk analytics and technology, Paolo's expertise spans wealth and asset management, investment banking, cognitive computing and banking digitalization. Before joining IBM, Paolo funded FinTech Capitects in 2008, a provider of goal based investing analytics for private portfolios (joint venture between Sal. Oppenheim Private Bank and Algorithmics), which became a part of IBM following the Algorithmics acquisition in 2012.


Financial advisors and planners, wealth managers, financial technology companies and bankers.


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