Case Studies in Contemporary Management

Sanjeev Bansal, R. Sujatha, Ashok Sharma

ISBN: 9789389795578

INR 405


The objective of the book is to present a compendium of management case studies highlighting some of the contemporary issues and problems in business management. These case studies will offer experiential learning and will spur the interest of the students, faculties and managers in understanding the various management practices and functions in Indian organizations. A broad gamut of management concepts, practices, and challenges have been addressed by the case studies

Part I: The Influencers: Pockets of Opportunities to Taking A High Road

  1. Controlling Diesel Pilferage in Sites of Telecom Tower
  2. First Page Priorities of Print Media
  3. Cartels in the Indian Cement Industry: Pinching the Real Estate
  4. Project — ‘Raheja Revanta’ and Its Strategic Scheme for Survival
  5. Reinventing the Newspaper Industry with ICT Tools
  6. Marketing Strategies for Kara Wipes in Punjab
  7. Effective Embedding of Implant in FMCG Supply Chain at GSKCH
  8. It’s Time to Taste Eggless
  9. Dimensions of Service Quality in Banks: Learnings from a BOI Branch


Part II: Understanding the Business Propositions: Partnering to Scale Up

  1. Loan Disbursement in Reliance Capital
  2. Market Strategies for SME Segment in Ludhiana and
    Chandigarh: A Case of LeasePlan - Vehicle Leasing and Fleet Management Company
  3. Emergence of GST in Indian Economy
  4. Trends in Working Capital Management: An Analysis of Accounting Ratios
  5. Manufacturing Sector in National Capital Region: Challenges and Opportunities
  6. Risk Management: Perspective on Prevention of Frauds
  7. Working Capital at Narora Atomic Power Stations
  8. A Case on Hypothetical Merger between Molson Coors and Sab Miller Plc


Part III: People Management Processes: Art as Well As Science

  1. Recruitment and Selection at Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited
  2. Organization’s Culture: A Critical Element for Success!
  3. Attrition Due to Crossfire Politics in Indian Organizations
  4. Talent Acquisition at RJIL
  5. Implementation of Business Performance Management
  6. Rapidly Increasing Dropout Rate of Manpower: Reasons Behind
  7. Introducing New Rating Scale in Punj Lloyd Limited


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