Building an Innovative Learning Organization: A Framework to Build a Smarter Workforce, Adapt to Change, and Drive Growth

Russell Sarder

ISBN: 9788126563425

288 pages

Exclusively distributed by Pan Macmillan 

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What makes top organizations successful? How are they able to compete in a rapidly changing, highly competitive, increasingly global environment? Today's most successful companies are learning organizations. Learning organizations are better able to compete because they are more able to innovate, respond quickly to change and attract, retain, engage and motivate the best employees. In a learning organization, everyone from the top down continually seeks to become better. The organizational culture encourages learning at all levels and works to translate that learning into action.



What Successful People Have in Common

What Successful Organizations Have in Common

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Chapter 1 Why Become a Learning Organization?

  • Key Changes That Affect Success  
  • The Learning Advantage
  • A Framework for Building a Learning Organization


Chapter 2 Building a Learning Culture

  • How to Recognize a Learning Culture
  • How to Build a Learning Culture
  • The Right Leader
  • The Right People
  • The Right Behaviors
  • The Right Resources
  • Learn How You Are Doing


Chapter 3 Developing a Learning Plan

  • The Components of a Learning Plan
  • Form a Team to Develop Your Learning Plan


Chapter 4 Setting Learning Goals

  • All Goals Are Not Created Equal
  • How to Set Learning Goals


Chapter 5 Creating Competency Models

  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs)
  • Four Types of Competency Models
  • Competencies for Today and Tomorrow
  • Developing Competency Models
  • Using Your Competency Models
  • Examples of Competency Models


Chapter 6 Selecting the Right Learning Methods

  • Formal versus Informal Learning
  • Five Primary Learning Methods
  • What's the Most Effective Learning Method?
  • What Drives the Selection of Learning Methods?
  • Putting the Learning to Use


Chapter 7 Assessing the Results of Your Learning Plan

  • Key Assessment Questions
  • Assessment Methodologies


Chapter 8 Managing Your Organization's Learning Operation

  • The Components of a Learning Organization
  • The Role of a Chief Learning Officer (CLO)
  • The Role of a Learning Management Service


Chapter 9 Call to Action!

  • Become an Activist in the Service of Learning
  • Be an Education Activist
  • Learning from Experts: Excerpts from Sarder TV Interviews
  • Authors and Educators
  • Learning Managers and Learning Professionals
  • Partial List of Chief Executive Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Chief Information Officers, Authors and Thought Leaders Interviewed by Sarder TV



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