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Managerial Economics

Prof. Jaswinder Singh

ISBN: 9789350043035

876 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 449


This book, Managerial Economics provides an in-depth discussion on various concepts and theories of economics that can be applied in business environment. The book provides a systematic presentation of text that covers the various aspects of the world economy. It also discusses the recent issues and developments in economics. Apart from incorporating the latest facts and figures, the book contains a vast number of solved problems to highlight the practical aspects of managerial economics. The style and structure of the book is lucid and designed to cater to the needs of graduate and postgraduate students pursuing business, commerce and economics.


· Introduction

· Managerial Economics: Meaning, Nature, Scope, and Importance

· Business Objectives of Organizations

· Demand and Supply Analysis

· Utility Analysis of Consumer Demand

· Elasticity of Demand and Supply

· Demand Forecasting

· Production Analysis

· Cost and Revenue Analysis

· Market and Market Structures

· Pricing and Output Decisions: Perfect Competition and Monopoly

· Pricing and Output Decisions: Monopolistic Competition

· Pricing and Output Decisions: Oligopoly

· Game Theory

· Pricing Strategies and Practices

· Factor Pricing

· National Income

· Theory of Employment

· National Income Determination

· Role of Government in an Economy

· Money and Inflation

· Business Cycles

· Banking

· Economic Growth and Tools of Economic Analysis

· International Economics

· Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions

· Case Studies