Managing Up: How to Move up, Win at Work and Succeed with Any Type of Boss

Mary Abbajay

ISBN: 9788126577705

224 pages

Exclusively distributed by Pan Macmillan



Managing Up is a skill that will help you develop strong relationships, which will increase cooperation, collaboration, and understanding between those who have different power levels and perspectives. It's not about brown nosing, schmoozing, or sucking up. It's about developing robust relationships with the people who have enormous influence over your career. Being able to effectively manage up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for your organization. Self-awareness is also a hallmark of success, and Managing Upwill teach readers about themselves, too.


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Chapter 1 Stop Complaining and StartWinning -- Managing Up Is the Key to Your Success  

Chapter 2 Is Your Boss an Innie or Outie?

Chapter 3 The Innie  

Chapter 4 The Outie

Chapter 5 Workplace Styles -- Assessing Your Boss's Workstyle Personality

Chapter 6 The Energizer

Chapter 7 The Advancer

Chapter 8 The Harmonizer

Chapter 9 The Evaluator

Chapter 10 Difficult Bosses

Chapter 11 The Micromanager

Chapter 12 The Hands-Off, Absentee, Ghost Boss

Chapter 13 The Narcissist

Chapter 14 The Impulsive Boss

Chapter 15 The Pushover

Chapter 16 The BFF Boss

Chapter 17 The Workaholic

Chapter 18 The Incompetent

Chapter 19 The Nitpickers and Seagulls

Chapter 20 The Truly Terrible -- Psycho Crazy Bully Tyrannical Screaming Egomaniacs

Chapter 21 It's Okay to Quit

Chapter 22 Bonus Tips -- 50Ways to Manage Your Manager