Research Methodology in Applied Economics, 2ed

Don Ethridge

ISBN: 9788126543700

264 pages

Exclusively distributed by Ane Books 

INR 2995


Focused attention on how to organize and conduct research can increase the efficiency of the research process and its outcomes. The second edition of Research Methodology in Applied Economics provides time-tested guidelines to instruct graduate students in the research process.


• Chapters 1-4-the definitional, conceptual and philosophical aspects of research methodology. Chapters 2 through 4 define terms and concepts, examine the research process and consider how research and methodology are related to science, knowledge, objectivity, prediction, induction, deduction and philosophic beliefs, helping readers understand, rationalize and justify the process.

• Chapters 5-9-the procedural aspects of research methodology. Devoted primarily to planning and organizing a research project, this section begins with an overview of the research project plan and proceeds to chapters organized around major elements of the research proposal. Substantive topics such as suggestions and perspectives on writing, seeking funding support for research and data collecting are included in the chapters or as appendices.

• Chapter 10-the reporting of the research.