Style and Statistics: The Art of Retail Analytics

Brittany Bullard

ISBN: 9788126578283

208 pages

INR 999


The power of retail analytics is important but being able to interpret it in a way that the end business user or average shopper who wants to learn more can actually interpret and understand can be a challenge. The book will include information on current industry trends as well as why analytics have become so important in the industry. This book focuses on applications of analytics within merchandise assortment management, pricing, marketing, and customer intelligence. Each chapter will include how analytics can help retailers solve business issues. The book will also include interviews from different retailers.


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Chapter 1 The Changing Face of Retail


Chapter 2 Merchandise Financial Planning

  • Statistical Forecasting


Chapter 3 Assortment Management

  • Understanding Your Customer
  • Understanding Product Choice Counts
  • Understanding Current Product Performance
  • Predicting the Evolution of Trends
  • How Much to Buy?
  • What Sizes Do I Need?


Chapter 4 Fulfillment

  • Allocation
  • Order Fulfillment


Chapter 5 Pricing

  • Pricing Analytics
  • Regular Price
  • Promotional Pricing
  • Markdown/Clearance Pricing
  • Pricing Maturity and Organizational Structures


Chapter 6 Marketing

  • Data
  • Marketing Campaign Lift Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Segmentation
  • The Internet of Things
  • Path to Purchase


Chapter 7 In-Store Experience

  • Store Labor Forecasting
  • Assortment Optimization
  • The Internet of Things


Chapter 8 Cybersecurity

  • Europay, Mastercard, and Visa/Chip Cards
  • Chargebacks
  • Data Governance


Chapter 9 Customer Journey


Chapter 10 Millie and Boomer: Generations Unified


Chapter 11 How to Gain Personal Value from Analytics

  • Citizen Data Scientist
  • Change Agent
  • Finding the Right Fit  
  • The Value of Analytics


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