Human Resource Management, w/cd Books

Dr. T. Raju

ISBN: 9789351194309

704 pages

INR 499


This book is divided into two parts (Section A and Section B).


Section A deals with the fundamentals of the subject “Human Resource Management” viz. Job analysis and design, HR planning, HRIS, Recruitment, Selection, Socialization, Orientation, Training & Development, Performance appraisal, Compensation, Employee health, Safety, Career development, Labour relations, Collective bargaining, Separation and Retention. Under each topic, the concepts are explained with relevant examples and illustrations wherever applicable. All the said topics are discussed in a logical sequence to make the reader understand the concepts in a better manner.


Section B deals with highly debated topics such as Diversity, Global HRM, SHRM, HPWS, Ethics, Financial impact, HR Accounting, and Challenges in HRM. Every chapter is ended with review questions, specialists’ opinion on various topics of HR, case studies and classroom / field exercises for students. These aspects will specially benefit the student community to gain better knowledge and prepare for examinations. Cartoons are included to make the reading interesting. The basics of the subject and special areas in vogue make the book more suitable to be adopted by any university offering the subject and related areas in its curriculum.


The CD inside the book provides PPTs of all chapters and bare-acts of important Labour Laws in India.


Section A:  Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

· Human Resource Management - An Introduction

· Job Analysis and Job Design

· Human Resource Planning and Human Resource Information System

· Recruitment

· Selection

· Socialization and Orientation

· Training

· Employee Development

· Performance Appraisal and Management

· Compensation: Pay, Incentive Systems and Employee Benefits

· Employee Safety and Health

· Career Development

· Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining

· Employee Separation and Retention


Section B: Special Topics in Human Resource Management

· Diversity at Work

· Managing Human Resources Globally

· Strategic Human Resource Management

· Creating High Performance Work System

· Ethics, Fair Treatment and Procedural Justice in HRM

· Financial Impact of HRM

· Human Resource Accounting and Audit

· Challenges in HRM