Information Technology for Management: Advancing Sustainable, Profitable Business Growth

Turban, Volonino, Wood, O.P. Wali

ISBN: 9788126558711

400 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 859


This edition has been adapted for Indian learners. Learners appreciate application of concepts in global as well as local context. Local context has been factored through localized cases, exercises and examples in both private and public domain. The extent of adaptation has been balanced to retain its global flavor. It follows the tradition of the previous editions by incorporating emerging trends in Mobile Computing and Commerce, IT Virtualization, Social Media, Cloud Computing and Management and Analysis of Big Data along with advances in more established areas of Information Technology.





Part 1 Digital Technology for Revenue Growth, Profitability and Innovation


1 Digital Technology Creates New Levers for Growth and Improved Performance

Case 1.1, Opening Case: China’s Digitization Expands Business Opportunities and GDP

1.1 Digital Technology Transforming How Business Is Done

1.2 Business Process Management

1.3 Competitive Advantage and SWOT Analysis

1.4 Enterprise Technology Trends

1.5 IT Expertise Adds Value to Your Career

Case 1.2, Business Case: Pei Wei Asian Diner Deploys Mobile and Social Channels

Case 1.3, Video Case: London’s PIE Mapping Grows to Global Scale with Cloud Services


2 Data Governance, IT Architecture and Cloud Strategies

Case 2.1, Opening Case: Grupo Fármacos Builds Business Capabilities

2.1 Data Governance Strategy

2.2 Enterprise IT Architecture

2.3 Information and Decision Support Systems

2.4 Data Centers and Cloud Computing

2.5 Cloud Services Delivery Models

Case 2.2, Business Case: BMW Becomes More Competitive with Private and Hybrid Clouds

Case 2.3, Video Case: Cloud Computing: Three Case Studies


3 Data Management, Big Data, and Business Intelligence

Case 3.1, Opening Case: Asia Capital Reinsurance Leverages Data Analytics Platforms

3.1 Database Management Systems

3.2 Big Data and Analytics

3.3 Data and Text Mining

3.4 Business Intelligence

Case 3.2, Business Case: How the World’s Largest Beverage Company Competes

Case 3.3, Video Case: Hertz Dominates Global Car Rental Market


4 Digital Networks and the Triple Bottom Line

Case 4.1, Opening Case: “One Sony” Strategy Simplifies Global Collaboration

4.1 Data Networks and API

4.2 Wireless and Mobile Infrastructure

4.3 Messaging and Collaboration Technology

4.4 Sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line

Case 4.2, Business Case: Customizable Web and Mobile Business Apps

Case 4.3, Video Case: Popcart Technology Takes Consumers from Inspiration to Preparation


5 Cybersecurity, Risk Management, and Financial Crime

Case 5.1, Opening Case: Nearly 40% of South Korea Hacked in Insider Data Theft

5.1 Data Breaches and Cybersecurity Challenges

5.2 IT Risk Management

5.3 Mobile, App, and Cloud Security Challenges

5.4 Financial Crime and Fraud Defenses

Case 5.2, Business Case: LinkedIn Hack: Lessons Learned and Hidden Dangers

Case 5.3, Video Case: Targeted Botnets


Part 2 Reaching, Engaging, and Retaining Consumers


6 Internet Technologies and Search Strategies

Case 6.1, Opening Case: Nike Golf Drives Web Traffic with Search Engine Optimization

6.1 Search Technology

6.2 Organic Search and Search Engine Optimization

6.3 Paid Search Strategies and Metrics

6.4 Semantic Web and Search

6.5 Recommendation Engines

Case 6.2, Business Case: Baidu and Qihoo SEO—Optimising for Chinese Customers

Case 6.3, Video Case: Learning Power Search


7 Social Media Strategies and Metrics

Case 7.1, Opening Case: How ASOS Manages Its Social Channels

7.1 Social Media Strategies and Communities

7.2 Social Communities and Engagement

7.3 Social Monitoring, Metrics, and Analytics

7.4 Social Media Failures and Lessons Learned

Case 7.2, Nonprofit Case: L&L Society of Canada Social Marketing Strategy

Case 7.3, Video Case: Rise of Social Networks at Deutsche Bank


8 Retail, Mobile and E-Commerce

Case 8.1, Opening Case: Louis Vuitton Mobile Commerce Strategy

8.1 Retail Channels

8.2 B2C E-Commerce

8.3 B2B E-Commerce and E-Procurement

8.4 Mobile Commerce and Transactions

Case 8.2, Business Case: Hot Mobile App WeChat Revives QR Codes

Case 8.3, Video Case: Mobile Visual Search Technology


Part 3 Operational and Strategic Systems and Technology


9 Tactical and Operational Support Systems

Case 9.1, Opening Case: Ducati Redesigns Its Operations

9.1 Business Challenges

9.2 Manufacturing, Production, and Transportation Management Systems

9.3 Sales and Marketing Systems

9.4 Accounting and Finance Systems

9.5 Human Resource Systems and Ethics

Case 9.2, Business Case: HSBC Fights Fraud in Split Second Decisions

Case 9.3, Video Case: United Rentals Optimizes Its Workforce with Human Capital Management


10 Strategic Enterprise Systems

Case 10.1, Opening Case: 3D Printing

10.1 Enterprise Systems

10.2 Enterprise Social Platforms

10.3 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

10.4 Supply Chain Management Systems

10.5 Customer Relationship Management Systems

Case 10.2, Business Case: SAP Implementation Fail

Case 10.3, Video Case: Conversations in the Cloud with 4.8 Billion Consumers


Part 4 Operational and Strategic Information Systems


11 Data Visualization and Geographic Systems

Case 11.1, Opening Case: Global 500 and Agencies Visualize with StatSilk

11.1 Data Visualization

11.2 Enterprise Data Mashups

11.3 Digital Dashboards

11.4 Geographic Information Systems

Case 11.2, Visualization Case: Are You Ready for Football?

Case 11.3, Video Case: The Beauty of Data Visualization


12 IT Strategy and Balanced Scorecard

Case 12.1, Opening Case: Superior Performance with Balanced Scorecard

12.1 IT Strategies

12.2 IT–Business Alignment

12.3 Balanced Scorecard Method

12.4 Cloud and Vendor Strategies

Case 12.2, Business Case: British-Swedish Biopharmaceutical Ends $1.4 Billion Outsourcing Contract

Case 12.3, Data Analysis: Third-Party versus Company-Owned Offshoring


13 Project Management and SDLC

Case 13.1, Opening Case: Keeping Your Project on Track, Knowing When It Is Doomed

13.1 Project Management and Project Portfolios

13.2 Project Stages: Planning, Execution, and Budgeting

13.3 Project Stages: Monitoring, Control, and Closing

13.4 System Development Life Cycle

Case 13.2, Business Case: Steve Jobs’ Project Management Style

Case 13.3, Demo Case: Mavenlink Project Management Software



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