Intellectual, Property Rights, Bioethics, Biosafety and Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology

Sibi G.

ISBN: 9789390455478

504 pages

INR 645


This book is divided in 4 parts. Part-I is devoted to issues of intellectual property rights (IPRs). It is intended as a primer for those who are involved or associated with understanding the needs for improving the integrity of scientific documentation. Part-II addresses the technical aspects of biosafety in research. Part-III is oriented to bioethics. It describes emerging legal, social and policy issues pertaining to biotechnology and intellectual property laws. Part-IV deals with entrepreneurship activities in biotechnology. It also outlines the opportunities in the field of biotechnology, ethical considerations, key issues and practical matters for entrepreneurs in biotechnology.



1. Intellectual Property

2. Patents

3. Copyright

4. Trademarks

5. Trade Secret

6. Industrial Designs

7. Plant Variety Protection

8. Geographical Indication (GI)

9. Domain Name

10. Ownership, Inventorship and Authorship

11. Knowledge Transfer

12.Publishing vs Patenting

13.Traditional Knowledge

14.International Treaties and Conventions on Intellectual Property

15.Biotechnology Patents

16.Transferring Intellectual Properties



17.  Biosafety

18. Bioprocessing

19. Uncontrolled Release of Materials in Biotechnology Operations

20. Animal Models

21. GM Plants

22. Genetically Modified Organisms

23. Biosafety Considerations for Large-Scale Production of Microorganisms



24. Bioethics

25. Cloning of Animals

26. Human Cloning

27. Human Genome Diversity Project

28. Stem Cell Research

29. Xenotransplantation

30. GM Foods

31. Issues in Food, Agricultural and Animal Biotechnology


32.    Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology




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