Wiley CMAexcel Learning System Exam Review 2015: Part 1, Financial, Planning, Performance and Control


ISBN: 9788126551637

920 pages


Wiley CMA Learning System Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance and Control covers the topics of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting, Performance Management, Cost Management, Internal Controls, and Professional Ethics.  Many of these topics also provide a foundation for the concepts and methodologies that will be the subject of the Part 2 exam.  Containing key formulas, knowledge checks at the end of each topic, study tips and practice questions, Wiley CMA Learning System Part 1 provides a candidate with what they need to pass Part 1 of the CMA. It includes access to the CMA test bank which has over 900 multiple choice questions. Also included is a one-year access to the Part 1 test bank.


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Section A External Financial Reporting Decisions

Topic 1: Financial Statements

Topic 2: Recognition, Measurement, Valuation and Disclosure

Practice Questions: External Financial Reporting Decisions


Section B Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Topic 1: Strategic Planning

Topic 2: Budgeting Concepts

Topic 3: Forecasting Techniques

Topic 4: Budgeting Methodologies

Topic 5: Annual Profit Plan and Supporting Schedules

Topic 6: Top-Level Planning and Analysis

Practice Questions: Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting


Section C Performance Management

Topic 1: Cost and Variance Measures

Topic 2: Responsibility Centers and Reporting Segments

Topic 3: Performance Measures

Practice Questions: Performance Management


Section D Cost Management

Topic 1: Measurement Concepts

Topic 2: Costing Systems

Topic 3: Overhead Costs

Topic 4: Supply Chain Management

Topic 5: Business Process Improvement

Practice Questions: Cost Management


Section E Internal Controls

Topic 1: Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Topic 2: Internal Auditing

Topic 3: Systems Controls and Security Measures


Practice Questions: Internal Controls

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Appendix A: ICMA Learning Outcome Statements--Part 1

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