Changing Paradigms of Management Dynamics

Tulika Saxena, A.P.S. Bhadauria

ISBN: 9789390078318

356 pages

INR 1095


The book is devoted to examining some key dimensions of management dynamics. It throws light on various aspects of business management like marketing, human resource management, information technology, international business, financial management, knowledge management, talent management, rural management, wealth management etc. Management theory has also moved forward, and in some cases has become well-established practice in the corporate world. The book offers this relevant view of management in a way that has a logical flow of content, succinct and clear in its writing style, rich in real-world examples, and remains focused on the role of managers.


  • Reputational capital as an Ethical Questioning of Technological Innovation
  • Factors Affecting Impulse Buying Behavior in Mall: A Consumer Study with Special Reference to Kanpur City
  • A Workshop Study on Implementation of Corporate Governance Standard Practices on Small and Medium India: Road Map to Success
  • Job Satisfaction of Employees in Mumbai Refinery of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
  • Fulling the Indian MSMES: The Engines of Economic Growth
  • A Role and Impact of Information Technology in Indian Banking Services After Liberalization–Trends, Issues and Challenges
  • Managing Women Education in India: Proposed Management Strategy For Improvement
  • Cultivating Ethics and Human Values: A Case of Migrants
  • Evolution and Challenges of Green Marketing
  • Consumer References towards Motorcycles Purchases Decision–An Empirical Analysis of Rural Lucknow
  • Recognising Ethical Issues in Global Business
  • Employee Development and Its Effects on Employee Performance: A Conceptual Framework
  • Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme as a Social Security for Employees
  • Microfinance – An Instrument to Develop Rural India
  • Impact of Incorporating Transactional and Transformational Leadership on Managerial Effectiveness: An od Intervention
  • Changing Face of Microfinance in India with Special Reference to Reliance Capital
  • A New Paradigm of Self-Help Group an Empirical Study on Social Responsibility Initiatives by Cemex
  • Leadership Skills: Need of the Contemporary Era
  • Current Scenario of Management Education in India
  • Employer Branding: Need of the Hour
  • The Changing Paradigm in Retail Sector with Special Reference to the New Policy of FDI
  • New Paradise in Management Dynamics: Corporate Restructuring
  • Changing Paradigm in HR Function: E-Recruitment
  • Women Awakening in Present Education in India
  • Entrepreneurship for Benchmarking
  • Customer Perception on Banking Services: With Special Reference to Indian Private Banks in Allahabad Region
  • The Role of Information Technology in Developing Rural India
  • A Study on Buying Motives and Preferences of Gold Jewellery Buyers
  • Film Based Merchandising: Promotions, Revenues and More
  • Intrinsic Motivation - An Analytical Study in the Light of Jeevan Vidya and Its Application to Human Resource Management
  • New Challenges for Priority Sector Lending in India
  • Integrated Farming System: A Path for Rural Development
  • Talent Management: A Study at B-Schools
  • A Study on Relationship between Employee Motivation and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Green Marketing - An Analysis of Consumer Behaviour Towards Green Products


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