Learning Management through Cases

Dr. A. Seetharaman, Dr. Shalini Kalia, Dr. K. Maddulety

ISBN: 9788126578894

INR 599


Learning Management through Cases is a compilation of 45 short cases spanning across four broad categories of Management – Marketing, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain Management and Strategy & Leadership. Case study methodology has proven to be instrumental in imparting management education. This book is a repository of interesting and real-life short cases from wide-ranging business domains. The book is authored to assist a wide pool of academicians who follow experiential-based learning pedagogy.


  • To Sell, or Not to Sell
  • Business Thoughts beyond Empathy
  • Evolution of Brand Implementation
  • How to Accelerate Sales Growth and Improve Profitability?
  • When You Have to Choose between Brand Value and Revenue



  • A Conflict between Two Worlds ‘Virtual Banking vs. Traditional Banking’
  • Vanilla Bankers or Asset Managers
  • The Shadow of a Star
  • In Search of an Effective Solution to Resolve a Liquidity Crisis
  • Traditional Equity Partner or Contemporary Professional Equity Investor?


Operations & Supply Chain Management

  • Technology Component Supply Chains and Trade Tariffs Wars
  • Is Adherence to Operations Process Frameworks Beneficial or
  • Detrimental to the Company’s Sales Growth?
  • Should the Cold Storage Plant Open Now or Next Season?
  • What’s Next for ABC Chips?
  • Value Selling, Learn and Earn? Do or Burn?
  • Restaurant Delivery: In-House vs. Outsourcing
  • Enhanced Customer Experience — To Be Digital or not to Be Digital
  • Managing Change: Continue or Scrap?
  • Is Our ‘Capacity-based’ Contracting Helping or Hurting?


Strategy & Leadership

  • Organization Transformation: Centralization or Decentralization
  • Hiring Based on Qualifications or Skills?
  • Home vs. Emerging
  • Embracing Digital Transformation for Growth and Resiliency
  • Gender Diversity vs. Local Competition
  • IT Implementation Dilemma of CHRO
  • Friends at Work — Symbiotic or Parasitic?
  • Brand Name and Job Security versus Job Satisfaction and Personal Growth
  • Recruiting Young Talent or Motivating Experienced Employees:
  • Is Profit More Important than Employee Loyalty?
  • Do We Rust, If We Rest?
  • Is the Organizational Strategy Completely or Partially in Accordance with the Principle of Net Neutrality?
  • Will Professional Integrity Triumph?
  • An Electrical Company Daring to Take on Civil Construction
  • Exponential or Organic Growth? A Start-up Growth Strategy
  • Growth vs. Innovation
  • To ‘Reduce’ or to ‘Bio-Produce’ the Process?
  • Keeping a Traditional Executive Remuneration Scheme or Standing up for Changes?
  • Silent Mode
  • Entrepreneur’s Vintage Bike Dilemma
  • Go with Instincts or Team Spirit?
  • The Changing Workplace
  • Ethical Dilemma
  • Mobile App Only!
  • Will a White Knight Save the Day for LearnEasy?
  • Choosing between the Food and Beverages (F&B) Market and the
  • Automotive Market
  • Digital Manipulation of a Feature Photograph: The Case of a Beauteous
  • Magazine Cover



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