Organisational Conflict and its Management

Dr. Rabinarayan Samantara

ISBN: 9789390581382

288 pages

INR 395


'Organisational Conflict and its Management' is based upon an in-depth study of various aspects of conflicts occurring in organisations and their management implications. It emphasises upon the importance of constructive management of conflict so as to realise its potential benefits to an organisation. Some of the major research findings of certain empirical studies conducted by the author and relative effectiveness of conflict management styles or methods have been covered in the book. Also, the book focusses on the contingency aspects of conflict management at the workplace and on certain ethical and cultural issues involved in organisational conflict and its management.

  • Organisational Conflict: Concepts and Issues
  • A Review of Organisational Conflict Literature
  • Conflict Management in Organisations
  • Management of Senior-Subordinate Conflict: An Empirical Study
  • Organisational Effectiveness: Concepts, Models and Issues in Measurement /Assessment
  • Conflict Management Strategies and Organisational Effectiveness: Some Empirical Research Evidences
  • A Contingency View of Managing Conflicts
  • Ethical and Cultural Issues in Conflict Management
  • Concluding Observations


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